Spotting the Fake Electric Shaver Reviews

Electric shavers sure aren’t cheap. And since you’re going to be stuck using the product for a long time, you really have to choose carefully. To make sure you get the best value for your money, research is imperative. Lucky for us who are living in this day and age, almost any kind of information we need can be found with just a few mouse clicks. These days, if we want to know more about a product before buying them, we can turn to online consumer reviews. Or in this case—electric shaver reviews.

Unfortunately, there is one downside to reading product reviews online. It’s often hard to tell if what you’re reading is a sincere appraisal of the product or just a fake write-up from someone hired by the manufacturer.

Here are some helpful tips that could help you spot fake product reviews:

  • If it sounds too good to be true, then it probably is.

If the review you’re reading has nothing but great things to say about the product, that’s a good reason to get suspicious. A genuine review usually shows both pros and cons of using the product. If the writer often uses words like “the best” or “I can’t find anything wrong with this product” on their electric shaver reviews, chances are, you’re not reading an honest-to-goodness review at all.

  • Reviews with 3- and 4-star ratings are usually the most reliable.

Reviews that sound too good to be true are not the only things to watch out for online. There are also negative reviews that can be quite misleading—these are reviews from people hired by competing companies to write unpleasant things about the product.

The best reviews are usually the ones that are in the middle. In other words, reviews with 3- or 4-star ratings. As mentioned earlier, what we’re looking for is balance—electric shaver reviews that raise both good points of the product as well as areas that need improvement.

  • When in doubt, Google it.

One of the quickest ways to find out if a review is fake or real is to do a Google search. Some of these “paid” reviewers tend to post the same stuff on product review websites. Copy and paste a few sentences to the search box and see if the same review shows up on other websites.

  • Go with your gut

Sometimes, all we really have are our instincts and studies have shown that our intuition is usually right most of the time. If certain electric shaver reviews seem a little off to you or they don’t come across as sincere, then they probably aren’t. If you simply can’t seem to find any trustworthy reviews online, ask people you know. You might have friends or colleagues who have tried the same product. In this age where you can easily reach out to your friends anywhere and anytime online, you can try posting a quick and fun survey on your favorite social networking website Or you can go with me!

Please feel free to share or have any good tips for how to pot the fake shave reviews? Leave a comment below!

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