How To Take Good Care You Electric Shaver Properly ?

Good electric shavers are quite pricey. Proper maintenance is important if you want to get the most out of your purchase. You might be buying the best electric shaver for men ever invented, but it would just be a waste of money if you didn’t take good care of it and it stops working just a few months later. This article hopes to remind readers of the things they must do to keep their electric shavers in top shape.

  • Know thy electric shaver

The first step in learning how to take good care of your shaver is to be familiar with all its parts and understand how your shaver works. Simply put—read the instruction manual. That might seem like a boring thing to do and most people like to skip that part. But since you just invested some of your hard-earned money on what you believe to be the best electric shaver for men, spending a few minutes leafing through the manual might actually save you from making some expensive mistakes in the future. The manual provides very important information such as what NOT to do with your shaver.

  • Charge properly

As mentioned earlier, one should follow instructions stated in the owner’s manual, especially when it comes to charging the device. Most electric shavers allow users to “quick-charge.” This is what most people love to do when the shaver is running very low or is empty on battery. The device is powered up for a short time so it can be used for a quick 5 minutes or so. This is convenient especially when you’re in a rush, but even a shaver that claims to be the best electric shaver will start having problems if you quick-charge too often. If done too frequently, quick-charging can really reduce the life of your batteries.

  • Clean your shaver regularly

This one is a no-brainer. We all know that we need to thoroughly clean our shavers every now and then. The only problem is that most of us are either a little too forgetful or too lazy to do it regularly. We use our shavers on a daily basis and before we know it, the shaving head starts to smell funny. Keep a cleaning schedule that you could easily follow. Perhaps you could clear out debris from the cutters or the blades once a week and soak them in a cleaning solution at least once a month. Even the best electric shaver with a sophisticated self-cleaning system will need to be manually cleaned every once in a while.

  • Replace foils or cutters at least once a year

With regular use, it’s inevitable that your foils or cutters will start getting dull at some point. You’ll start noticing that your shaver doesn’t shave as close and getting that smooth finish takes longer than it used to. Don’t wait too long to get replacements for your foils or cutters. Even if you have the best shaver, dull blades can actually increase the risk of getting nasty nicks and cuts.

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